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Who we are
FST is a company at the service of Filtration, Sound insulation and Thermal material. The raw material like PP,PET, GLASS, We use this new material for our filtration, sound insulation and thermal products to protect our clean, peaceful and worm world.
As a leading manufacturer of air filter media, filter bag , series of filtration solution, sound insulation pad and thermal media. We not just focus on the industrial world, we also supply single custom service. We not only have a big green dream, but also to protect our green world.
The experience staffs create and move forward in research into new materials, in improving technique for efficiency to find the right material for all need.
We know many material, such as polyester, polypropylene, nylon, canvas, cotton, PI, PPS, PTFE, fiberglass and so on, we know their performance, and we can choose the best suit for you.
Following your requirement, we can design the best products to meet your requirement. We know the material, we know the application also. We can sewing, cutting, and supply any size you need. Poly bag / carton box packing…