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Classification of spray paint room

Nov. 09 , 2019

A paint room is a closed space where the air is filtered and used to paint products.

Traditional spray painting is to spray the appliance (car, furniture, etc.) in the open air with the nozzle, but for large appliances, such spray painting will reduce the quality of paint,For example, during the process of painting, the dust in the air will be mixed in the paint, thus reducing the quality of painting;waste paint with uncertainty, and paint areas will be very dirty;For workers, it's not only dirty, but it can also inhale a lot of paint mist, which is bad for their health.

Later, people want to spray paint set in a certain range, produced the earliest spray paint room -- pumping spray paint room.In China, spray paint room was first created in the 1970s in chengdu area.

Spray booth is divided into three categories according to airflow direction.

Cross flow spray booth: airflow from one end of the room to the other end.This model is low cost and easy to install.The disadvantage is that the fog moves along the side of the car, and the fog cannot be removed from the operator's face.

Side down type spray booth: air enters the spray booth through the filtering device of the ceiling and is discharged by the side wall root of the room.This is a mid-priced spray booth.Because the mist is far away from the object itself and can remove the mist from the operator's surroundings, the painting effect and working environment are ideal.

Full downstroke spray booth: reflects the most advanced technology today.Air comes in through the canopy and drains out through pits or basements.This way of exhaust can get a cleaner painting process and a safe working environment.But it costs a lot and takes up a lot of space.

Spray booth is divided into two categories with paint mist treatment:Dry spray booth and wet spray booth (water treatment).

Dry treatment is the most commonly used paint mist treatment, so paint mist filter cotton (cotton) should be regularly checked and replaced, otherwise it will affect the quality of paint, and may even cause a fire.With the further development of science and technology, the way to deal with the excess paint mist is more and more advanced.Many high-grade cars use water treatment spray booth, the excess paint mist after treatment dissolved in water, in the way of treatment paint mist has made considerable progress.

The paint mist filter cotton (ground cotton) produced by FSC company is composed of continuous monofilament glass fiber with high strength, incremental structure, high capture rate and good paint mist isolation effect.

Good compression performance, can keep its appearance unchanged, filter fiber is good for storing paint mist dust.The densified structure has the characteristics of high elasticity and low pressure loss.Under a certain wind speed, airflow and dust heavy, will not compress deformation and collapse, still can maintain high efficiency, increase the service life of the filter.Gradual layer, density type filter structure.It can keep dust in different density levels, which can more effectively contain more dust, and low resistance, it is a deep type of filter.

Classification of spray paint room

The green part of the filter is the inlet and the white part is the outlet.

Flame retarding point of oil conforms to German industrial standard DIN4102 F1.

Strong temperature resistance, can achieve 100% relative temperature resistance;High temperature resistance up to 170.

Paint mist filter cotton can be compressed in packaging and transportation, saving freight and storage space;It can return to its original state after relaxation.

Paint mist filter cotton is also known as paint resistance network, ground cotton, trench cotton,

glass silk cotton, primary filter cotton.

Used to catch excessive paint from the paint system, avoid paint stains on the equipment, prevent damage to the painted surface and protect the environment.

Filter paint particles in the room to reduce exhaust gas pollution.Paint mist filter cotton is generally applicable to dry painting spray booth, automobile, furniture, mechanical parts of the dry spray system and paint mist filter workshop or kitchen smoke filter.

Classification of spray paint room