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The function of filter cotton

Nov. 09 , 2019

Initial effect filter cotton: coarse effect filter cotton, tuyyne filter cotton, blue and white filter cotton, green and white glass fiber filter cotton, flame retardant cotton, high temperature resistant filter cotton, high temperature resistant glass fiber filter cotton, activated carbon filter cotton, winding filter cotton, coconut brown filter cotton, rattan cotton, primary effect non-woven filter cotton, etc.

The filter level is G1, G2, G3 and G4.

Mainly used for filtering dust particles larger than 5 microns in the air, generally used for ventilation equipment and air control system suction inlet, as pre-filtration or coarse filtration, direct contact with the outdoor air.Also used for plate filter, folding plate filter, bag filter and other filters or as filter equipment filter materials.It can also be used for pre-filtration under high dust exposure in the air supply system.It can be used in spray system and baking equipment for pre-filtration and uniform flow of filter materials.


Medium effect filter cotton: medium effect fine fiber filter cotton, canopy filter cotton, medium effect needled filter cotton, medium effect perm filter cotton, medium effect non-woven filter cotton, melt spray filter cotton, etc.

It is mainly used to filter dust particles smaller than 5 microns and larger than 1 micron.

It is generally used for secondary or final filtration after coarse filtration, but also for filter materials of medium plate filter and medium bag filter.


High-efficiency filter cotton: mainly used for manufacturing high-efficiency air filter.

It can filter particles up to 0.5 microns.

It is mainly used in hospitals or laboratories where filtration requirements are especially high.

The air - filtered cotton has a dense air - out surface.

Using multi-layer encryption technology, this structure enables the filter material to maintain good filtration efficiency and high dust capacity, which can be blocked at different density levels according to the size of dust, and more dust can be effectively accommodated.

High temperature filter cotton: glass fiber or other high temperature resistant flame retardant materials made for high temperature and fire environment.

Activated carbon filter cotton: a kind of carbon with rich pore structure and huge surface area has strong attraction ability, good chemical stability, high mechanical strength, and is mainly used in the fields of technology, agriculture, national defense, transportation, medicine and health, environmental protection and so on.

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